Recently Recovered Property

General Recovered & Found Property

The items listed on this page were recently recovered or turned in to this agency. Items are listed for 21 days after being inventoried.

If you believe that an item belongs to you, please make a note of the case number and contact our property office at 847-866-5029, Mon - Fri, during normal business hours. You may also inquire via e-mail by clicking on the envelope itcon that appears next to each listing.

In order to claim your property you will need to provide a valid form of identification. Depending on the item, you may be asked to provide an additional identifying description or other proof of ownership.

Note: Unclaimed property, where the owner is unknown, is subject to disposal after 90 days.

  Type Description Date Listed   Case Number  
  Backpack 02/13/2024 E-Mail Us About This Item
  Currency BofA check - owner last name PULLIN 02/05/2024 24-000895 E-Mail Us About This Item
  Currency US Currency - need amount & location of loss 02/13/2024 24-001166 E-Mail Us About This Item
  Other Tan zipper pouch containing cosmetics 02/06/2024 24-000961 E-Mail Us About This Item
  Other (4) debit cards - owner last name SHUMETOVA 02/13/2024 24-001167 E-Mail Us About This Item
  Wallet Black wallet - owner last name TAPPER 02/12/2024 24-001120 E-Mail Us About This Item